'Jared Leto' - Steven Lippman x

 part 1 | part 2



"Jared Leto" - Steven Lippman x

part 1 | part 2


Best couple ever Coachella 2009,2012,2013,2014

Jared Leto | Coachella Music Festival [part II].


shipping Farrelleto is the worst thing you could do to yourself but shit it’s beautiful and more than perfect and emotionally painfull <3

Long Live Farrelleto!


I swear to God,if I’ll get the chance to meet Jared Leto at the concert,I would tell him that him and Colin make the hottest couple in the world and that when they’ll have babies,I want to be their godmother oh and…it’s a good idea for them to move in together cuz bitch please,Colin is single as fuck and he is too.

and here comes Jared’s reaction.